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I downloaded the Pyramids 3d demo and played through it. I was surprised at how good it was. What were your impressions?

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Not impressed. Of all six levels playable in the demo not one was truly challenging and the overall presentation isn't very... good? The concept wasn't original, the puzzles weren't hard and that music was so awful.

I can never imagine purchasing this.

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I thought it was pretty dreadful. You couldn't get the blocks to appear unless you were in the exact right spot, and on the 6th stage I kept dying because you couldn't place a block at the last minute when a rock was coming. It was boring, and I felt like the only challenge was the controls.


I'm glad I waited for the demo on this one; I was going back and forth on whether or not I truly wanted this one or not, and with this demo, I can be 100% sure I ain't going near this one.

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Wow. Surprised so many people have problems with the controls - they actually are responsive and work very well, but the game controls clearly do involve a learning curve. Also surprised to read comments that it's too easy. This is a demo showing the first 6 "learning" levels, so what did you expect? Remember that the challenge is to get all three stars in each level too — you can't access all of the in-game levels otherwise.

Everyone can have different opinions though. I really enjoyed the game and thought it offered great value for a low asking price.


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