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Hello! I posted this here on the 3DS eShop Forum because in order to this idea to work you will need to have the original Pushmo.

So I have this idea... as far as I know, none of the puzzles from the first Pushmo will be in the upcoming Wii U title Pushmo World, BUT, they WILL be compatible with it!

This got me thinking - it might be kind of neat if WE made the original Pushmo levels available in the Pushmo World Fare in game! I could do this by myself, but it would take an awfully long time. So I figured I would pose it to the community and see if you all are willing to participate! Here's how it would work: each of us would take a grouping of 18 levels, and copy them into Pushmo Studio. You would have to then complete the level, so that on the day Pushmo World is out you can have the game read the QR Code. We would then complete our level sets a second time to post them onto Pushmo World Fare! Would anyone be up for doing this with me? Excluding the tutorial levels, there would be 12 batches of levels to post. They would be:

Level 1 Challenges:
Level 2 Challenges:
Level 3 Challenges:
Murals 2:
Level 4 Challenges:
Nintendo Murals:
Deluxe Murals:
Special Challenges:
Bonus Nintendo Murals: Bazly
Bonus Murals:
Bonus Challenges:

As you can see, I've already claimed the Bonus Nintendo Murals for myself. It is my idea after all, and I know those will be popular ;P . That leaves 11 left that need to be claimed, so if anyone is up for helping out let me know! Any that are left over I am up for taking, so don't feel pressured if you don't have the time, I know it's a slightly tedious task.

For those wondering what the point of this is: I just think it would be a neat idea to have the original levels available in the new game - especially if there are Wii U users who don't own a 3DS (those exist, right?). Let me know if you are up for participating!

As for the TITLES of the levels, when you copy the puzzle into your Pushmo Studio, it should copy the name of the level itself as well. All I ask if that you add "P2P:" to the front of the title (I'm calling this the Pushmo to Pushmo World, or P2P Project!). This way, people will be able to search "P2P" in the Pushmo World Fare and all of these levels will appear!

Let me know if you want to participate and which level set you would like to take. If we get enough people I bet we could have these all posted the day the game is released!

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