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Wiggler_Kart_7 wrote:

How good is the level editor? I like games with good editors.

Extremely simple to use. Everything is laid out on a grid, and you just draw your boxes with individual colors. Each color is a separate box that you can maneuver. It's very similar to pixel art.

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I love this game so much. It lived up to every expectation I had! I love the music, graphics, puzzles, and level editor. I also love how you have to unlock better equipment for the level editor. Even more motivation to play. I know some people will have mixed feelings about that, but I like it. I got stuck on 2 different puzzles for 10-15 minutes. The difficulty is starting to pick up and it's awesome.
The characters are adorable and the QR level sharing works great! I've seen so many creative levels already. This is seriously the best eShop game yet!


I love this game. As others have said the tutorial is a bit too long and easy but after that it gets pretty good. I also think that this game could pretty much only exist on 3DSWare.... or maybe the PSVita.

All it's missing is Streetpass/Spotpass sharing of puzzles!

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I just got the game last night, and I am so happy with that purchase! It feels better than half of the retail releases have been. The controls are smooth and feel great, the 3D is perfect for the game, and the puzzles are good so far. The tutorial does take a bit too long, but that's a minor gripe. Once I get enough of the in game puzzles done I'll start trying out some of the ones on NLife and sharing my own (I want to unlock some more tools for the level editor).



I bought this game right after I read the 9.5 "must have" review from IGN. So far I'm really liking this game a lot. I'm in level 1 still but the levels are already starting to get a bit difficult to the point of beating each level feels very rewarding. I haven't tried the level editor yet, but seeing all the amazing fan made levels already, I'm excited to try them all!

This game just further cements Intelligent Systems as a AAA developer in my book. All of their games truly are intelligent in their design. And they make you feel intelligent when you play them.

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Got the game a few hours ago after reading glowing comments by you guys and the Internet overall. I already made it through 4 or 5 levels (as in the segments that are 18 puzzles apiece) because it's so addictive. I'm planning on beating the entire story mode ("Pushmo/Pullblox Park" mode, rather) and then moving on to user-created/old Pushmo man-created puzzles after that.

EDIT: Someone please help, I'm stuck on 3-17.

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from what i have seen in the 3d trailer on the european e-shop the 3d in this game doesnt look that great. some even said you have to have 3d enabled to see how far the boxes are pulled out but i watched the trailer in 2d and i dont think you have to use 3d at all

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6ch6ris6 wrote:

from what i have seen in the 3d trailer on the european e-shop the 3d in this game doesnt look that great. some even said you have to have 3d enabled to see how far the boxes are pulled out but i watched the trailer in 2d and i dont think you have to use 3d at all

3D really helps here. If I don't have it on, I have much harder time trying to jump on right platform. And just viewing things with R after pulling some bloxes out of place is awesome. This is the first game for me which wouldn't be nearly as good without 3D. You may not even notice that your 3D is on when playing Pullblox/Pushmo but if you turn it off you notice instantly how it changes things.

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Can someone explain how to get the QR Codes to work as i dont see any option in the game?



XyVox after you edit/create and save it you have to play and beat it before the option to give it a qr code comes up. If you want to scan a qr code you have to select an empty spot and the qr code option should light up.

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By the way, what do you think is a better name, Pushmo or Pullbox? I'm leaning towards Pushmo, but maybe that's just becauses its the title I see every time I play:).

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Pushmo sounds cuter and less rigid than pullbox. They should have went Pullmo though.

Also we better get a pushmo stage in the next smash game.


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OMG, I just bought this game this morning before I had to go to work. So I rushed home and opened up my 3DS and started playing this game. It is so addictive, and not to mentioned I love the colourful graphics.

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So I just gotta say, today I beat the Nintendo Murals section and holy crap were those last 2 levels hard!! I mean really hard. Like I was hung up on the second to last Pushmo for about a week and the last one in that section took me like 40 minutes of continuous play to finally figure out. So satisfying when I finally did it though

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I think the name Pushmo is better because he's dressed like a little Sumo, so Pushmo makes more sense. Pullblox is rather clumsy to say.

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Anyone get to the Special Challenges yet? S-15 is giving me a whole mess of trouble.

EDIT: Just got it! It was tough, though, geez.

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