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CorporalPegasus wrote:

-Me gives @KoiTenchi a really really big hug-

Haha, awesome! I didn't expect such positive responses so quickly! I knew MLP was a big internet sensation, but I didn't know it was right here in NL.

As far as the Pushmo, I just found myself sad that, for the first time so far, I found the 10 colors to be a rather depressing limit. : ( I couldn't really give Rainbow Dash proper yellow in her hair or the right eyes, sadly. I tried to get rid of some shading to change her hair and such, but it made the puzzle much less of a puzzle at all.


Late wrote:

@KoiTenchi: I can already imagine you win this theme. There seem to be many My Little Pony fans in NL forums nowadays. I myself have never watched even a one episode as ponies really aren't my thing... But it looks really great.
Don't yet know what I'm going to do this week. Haven't been into cartoons for some time.
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Thanks for the help with all the post and signature coding! I'm going to go fix that right now.


The Roadrunner, one of my first Pushmo levels. Won't win any awards, but I had fun with it

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Ugh, I wanted to do one, but I'm not finding anything inspiring enough for me to make one ><



I don't like much cartoons and there was a DBZ one I was working on but it didn't come out right.

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Hey, I'm a little late in posting my Pushmo, so can you let me have a little more time?

Monster Hunter for the win!!!!! Check out my music album at


Whew, I made the dead line. Anyway, here is Bloo from Foster's Imaginary Home. Enjoy.

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Monster Hunter for the win!!!!! Check out my music album at


Submission period is over! I'm going to disregard 123akis's failed attempt to post a level, since they haven't responded since then, so that leaves us with these entries:

1. Ecto-1

2. KoiTenchi

3. Zyrac

4. flightsaber

5. Squid

6. Portisanta

7. WhiteKnuckle

Get your vote in by 11:59PM GMT on Friday.

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I vote for #4 @flightsaber because it's just an enjoyable Pushmo.

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Monster Hunter for the win!!!!! Check out my music album at


Anything but #2. Dear god, not #2.

I guess #4 would be my vote.



Hyperstar96 wrote:

Anything but #2. Dear god, not #2.

That's a little rude, don't you think? Like ponies or not, you could at least show a little generosity and not say anything at all, submit your vote, and be on your way. Pixel art like that is tough, and I'm sure that took him/her a while to make. Even if it didn't take long, it doesn't really matter. I just think that some opinions are best left to ourselves.

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