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Yes Zyrac, feel free to continue this thread in a new post. I saw that this was dropping in popularity and have been rather busy lately so I can't really up keep this now. Anyway, congratulations to LordJumpMad with his Bowser Pushmo! Sorry for just kind of leaving. I fogot about it for a while and recently remembered it. Good luck continuing from here Zyrac!

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going to downolad and play through all these levels tomorrow. also you may want to note in the new thread why. you Ned control of the front page so. a mod doesn't close it on mistake.


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sure, go ahead and create a new contest thread if you like, if this one's really over and done with. when it goes live I'll lock this thread. I'd recommend linking back to it in the original post of the new one, though, just so people can go back and still see all the puzzles and download them easily if they like. :3

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grumblegrumble wrote:

I pick 2! Are we still voting? LOL. I love the duck hunt dog!

Haha thanks. I knew a lot of people would receive it well.



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