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I've checked the first 275 topics in the forum and I haven't found Pullblox 's (Pushmo) official thread so I decided to write this one.

Does anybody know if there is a guide for the bonus levels? I'm in 213 or 214 and I'm stuck and it will get worse (I suppose) from here on.


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Unfortunately I've noticed that for the later levels it is VERY hard to find any guides. One good tip would be to look up youtube videos though, there should be some playthroughs, even if they're really crappy quality.

What I would generally do is, after trying the level what felt like several thousand times, I would look up a video, and watch it until it hit the point where they do something I hadn't thought of. The good part with the videos is that you can just pause it at exactly that moment then go back to your game and see if you can figure it out from there. Whereas with a walkthrough, I would sometimes read the entire paragraph before I understood what they were saying, and then end up having the whole level spoiled haha.


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