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Bit new to this forum stuff in general so if this has been brought up before then apologies.

I've been buying stuff from the eshop since it was launched last year and was wondering if anyone else had been able to fill out post play surveys for purchases to claim the 50stars. Both club nintendo and eshop accounts are linked and I'm aware it mentions in the FAQs on the Club Nintendo website that they will be available in due course but that's been there for months now. Even for DSiware it now won't give me the option to fill in a survey. I've sent emails to the website support as I'm a bit concerned it might be a problem with my account, but had no response. I've searched on the net for others who might be having the same issue but again, no luck.

So is it just me? Or is it be patient?

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I have got plenty of stuff from the eShop and I've only ever been asked for 2 surveys. I think they're just slow to get them out. I'd like to get my 500+ stars now but I have doubts about them ever offering surveys. :/
Good news is its not just you...or it that bad news?

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Half and half lol but thanks for letting me know that I'm not alone. I've shedloads of stuff now that will net me stars. The US even got coins (stars equivalent) for Ambassador downloads :/ Nintendo of Europe slow of the mark. Again. Oh well.

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Did you get this problem sorted then? I do not have a single purchase appear on my Club nintendo account, are the games purchased from the eshop supposed to be atleast displayed on the club nintendo download list?



I get a registration & post play survey for every 3DSWare game I've bought, but I'm in NA, so I don't know how much is done differently over here.


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Seems as though the EU Club Nintendo hasn't implemented eshop purchase tracking... thats really puts me in a pickle as I was going to purchase NSMB2 digitally, and without any form of tracking I have no way to prove my purchase if my 3DS is stolen or damaged..

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