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None at all. They just wrote my name down and that's it.

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in autralia it is always europes price plus 1/2 of europes price, sooo its $22.50 0o

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Yeah I want the pokedex pro, but $15 is a little much. To be fair, I have no idea what it includes though. It isn't like I'll be using it for hard-core strategy or anything. Bulbapedia, Smogon, and Serebii already exist and are great. I don't care about AR either. It will need to be more than just what the current free generation V pokedex is.

On a related note, I still have my old toy Kanto pokedex somewhere. Time to go looking.


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MixMasterMudkip wrote:

Wow I didn't even notice that when I originally looked at the booklet, whatever its not to bad. I just want to look at mudkip in 3D

This made me LOL so hard

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