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Hiya I've accumulated over 700 coins on Club Nintendo and have reached the Platinum status. Does anybody knows when will the Platinum status reset and the rewards made available to choose from? Got my 3DS on December so this is my first year there. Thanks x


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It's commonly around June or July.

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June 30 is the end of the Club Nintendo "year". Status resets starting July 1.

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Another question: Do I NEED to spend my coins before July or they will be gone?


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Straight from Club Nintendo FAQ

Do Coins Expire?

Yes. Unredeemed Coins expire after 2 Club Nintendo years (July 1-June 30). When logged in, you can view your Coin Balance with the account information at the top of the page. See Terms and Conditions for more information.

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They better put up good rewards! LOL!
As I live in South America, I can only get the digital rewards and they've been really crap lately!


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any word on the new rewards? WHere do I go to check?

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Kenchi wrote:

any word on the new rewards? WHere do I go to check?

The year may end by the end of today, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll announce the rewards tomorrow. We had to wait a few weeks last year before news on them came.

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undead_terror wrote:

Also why is this thread on the 3ds eshop and not general discussion?

Because the OP didnt check to see if there was already an ongoing thread for this before making this thread.

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