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I think we'd all have a better idea of how good (or bad) a game is if we all commited to rating each and every 3DS retail or e-shop game we have. I know some of you already do so, but imagine if everybody who purchased a particular game gave it a rating; then we'd not only have an idea of the game's sales, but also how good it is. For example, Ocarina of Time 3D has sold more than 2.5 million copies (as of January) globally, yet when you look it up in the e-shop, only about 100,000 people have rated it. Imagine if there were a million people saying it was 5 stars. Same goes with any other game. Who's with me?

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As far as the e-shop rating's goes in the e-shop. I rate all my 3ds games whether there 3ds, 3dsware or dsiware in the e-shop.

I just go by the review's on here (NL) & the star rating's in the e-shop.

I use to review games a while back. I'm not going to mention any sites but it just became to time consuming so I just went back to playing games like I use to.

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If you go on the e-shop you can see reviews out of 5 for most games and i have to say generally they re quite accurate i always rate every game i have bought and downloaded
you can only review a game after an hour of play

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As far as I know, the eShop only shows you ratings from your country, so that must explain why some games look like they should have more ratings.

I rate everything I buy, anyways.

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@Morphtroid You're probably right, but even so, for certain games, there should be way more ratings, like Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, NSMB2, to name a few.

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I rate all of my games, but in general, the system is flawed.

Since you have to play a game for an hour to rate it, chances are, only peoole that like the game are going to play it that long (especially eShop games), and even then, most average users would have to feel strongly about a particular game in order to feel like they need to rate it (which results in almost all ratings being high, no matter the game). Heck, a lot of casual users (like children/parents) probably don't know the feature exists.

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While I do rate my games, I don't trust the ratings posted there at all. I don't really like 5-point rating scales (and I'm not that big on 10-point ones either) since I feel they're not accurate enough, and typically with user reviews it seems like 95% of reviews are either 5/5 or 1/5, which seems to show most users can't acknowledge flaws in a good product or good aspects of what they consider to be a terrible product. I doubt the ratings would become more accurate if everyone rated their games, but more opinions may bring them closer to accurate.

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This thread has convinced me to rate my games. Kid Icarus Uprising? It was pretty good but if I give it a bad rating it might drop in price and I could buy it for cheap. I'll give it a 2. Let's see, what else? Ah, Devil Survivor Overclocked. Who do I think this title appeals to? 3 year old little girls I guess. It gets 1 star because I hated it. I won't bother rating Pokedex 3D since it's not even a game. my pants.


Now that I've rated Ace combat: assault horizon legacy (4 stars), GO series: Defence wars (2 stars) and Balloon fight (3 stars) I have now rated all my games that I've played for over an hourexcept for Animcal crossing clock and Mario clock as they're not games but I agree with the points that @RR529 makes about the system being flawed. Its a shame that Tales of the Abyss isn't listed on the eshop, I'd rate as high as possible if it was.

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@RR529 That's why when you open up eShop, and there are games that can be rated, a notification should pop up immediately, so that most people will rate their games. Even if the rating itself isn't all that accurate, at least we'll get a better idea of how well it sold by the number of ratings.

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I think it's useless, most games have almost 5 stars. People doesn't know how to rate, they go for fives or ones. What does this tell us? There should be only two possible ratings, maybe three: i like, i don't and neutral and should be called this way.

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@DarkCoolEdge Agreed, the rating system isn't all that great. I guess the best way to know if a game is good is to either read reviews or play it yourself (and sometimes sales can give you an idea if it's worth buying, sometimes not).

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....or you can come to a website like Nintendo Life and ask folks here

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Just go and look at various reviews, either from people who's opinions are important to you or those whose are highly regarded for game reviews. Hundreds of thousands of random 'reviews' of a 5 star system wont help you decide if you want a game or not.

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