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I'm wondering if anyone is still interested in or still uses petit computer. I've been doing alot of reading and this forum seems to (or was) at some point
the most active in terms of petit computer interest.

If anyone is still interested in petit computer we should start a new thread about it. Since I don't like necro-posting.
All the other threads seemed really old. I've been reading alot of the older posts on petit computer.

So yeah. Let me know! I'm thinking of starting a FULL OUT petit computer geared development kit/start up kit.

Basically an SDK that would allow anyone interested in developing on petit computer access to some preset functions that
could become standardized. I've even been thinking into some ways to "emulate" object oriented level programming on petit computer
and I have a few ideas but it would still be just that, basic limited.
Basically a scripting engine built inside petit computer that would execute "higher level" code.
with this "higher level" code, we could shorten the overall coded needed for a project that way we wouldn't need to worry as much about
that 9999 line limit.

For example, a simple command such as "draw_all_sprites" could just draw them all.
Our programs could be stored within data statements which as far as I understand, if the program loads something into a system variable
that's a string array it only counts as one entry out of some available 2048 available variables
IE Dim myarray$(2000) rem only counts as one variable.

So what you'd do is load up the data statements first as the "main" program, go into a loop reading data into array called
and then you'd go
exec "PRG:maininterpreter"
it'd be much more efficient and we could push alot more out of petit computer this way.
The only thing that makes me sad is that it doesn't feature any online multiplayer features for ad-hoc 3ds to 3ds gaming.

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Here is the thread people go on, and yes alot of people still play petit computer

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