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KittenKoder wrote:

If they made it, I'd buy this. I mean, it's not as great as having a complete SDK available for something like c/c++, but not many people can afford that, I know I can't.

SDKs are mostly free. Even Raspberry Pi comes with all kinds of free programming tools. The only cost is hardware.

The value of Petit Computer is that it is a self-contained unit. That little handheld is the only thing you need to develop games.

I prefer to remain official though, when dealing with something like the 3DS. But meh, I am no good at developing games because I simply don't have the talent for ideas. I tried to make a few for the PC, they all sucked, even I know they sucked, because they were just bad ideas. I can, however, develop tools for ... anything, in almost any language, those languages I don't know I can learn in a month each. Thus, something small and simple like this could prove not only fun for me, but I may be able to make some nifty tools for other people, as long as they offer a sharing option.

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programmerpro wrote:

Even if you can't send your games to the Eshop they should at least do something where other people can buy you're game and the money would go to your Eshop account.

Now that would be a great Idea! It would also be nice to be able to cash it in for real monies.

I know right? Especially since I have no idea how to make qr codes!

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swordx wrote:

They should allow you to monetize games so developers like Randomous and Discostew can make money on their wonderful games.

It would require that games be original, or at least not contain copywritten assets, something MM2 PTC would fail to pass, lol.


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Found a picture and some details, not sure where this source got them though.


Puchikon No. 3, known to you and me as Petit Computer 3 was announced for 3DS several weeks ago. A sequel to the acclaimed DSiWare game making BASIC app. Several more details have emerged: it will be 2.5D rather than 3D, it will support the 3DS microphone and camera as well as optional Circle Pad Pro support, it will be 10 x faster than the previous effort, games can be created to the quality of GBA and PS-X(!), there will be better editing and copy & paste features plus an undo option and programmes can be editable to 999999 line. Hope that last one makes sense?! No release date yet but expect to see Petit Computer 3 on the Japanese eShop in 2014 and in the West at some point there-after.

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The Wonderswan had a homebrew addon thing for it. Don't think it facilitated piracy.

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Found more details from nintendo everything!

  • You can edit until line 999,999
  • Circle Pad Pro support
  • You can color code words
  • You can fold the program display
  • You can edit multiple sources (up to 4)
  • Painting function with standard equipment
  • Enhanced editing features (such as an undo function and multi-line copying)
  • Input supports the device’s microphone, camera, sensors, etc
  • User work can be managed on the server
  • Has a link with the Detune’s application (music software)



It will be awesome being able to use all the input methods can't wait.

I do wonder what they mean by "folding the display" and painting with "standard equipment".

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