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To clear things up: I reviewed this game, but I had a family emergency this week that caused a delay in my getting any work done. Sorry for making everyone wait.


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New Review! Nintendojo - B (great).

Nintendo Charged - 9/10
Nintendojo - B (great)
Nintendo Life - 7/10
Nintendo Charged - 7/10
Nintendo World Report - 5/10

So far, mostly good!


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Relieved that it isn't one of those mindless games they make just for money. They put effort into this game!

But seriously Teyon, make a Cat adventure RPG game!

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This is not my type of game at all. FPS and the like usually go unnoticed by me. I hesitated at first once Idecided to download Outdoors Unleashed but I'm sure glad I made the decision to go ahead and get the game. The game plays like the old virtua Cop shooters from the sega saturn and those games I did like. However there is a little problem with subject matter. Killing cute little deer and animals in the wild. Ive never played anything with this type of subject matter other than a little 2 to 4 hour stint on halo and ive never played any other hunting games.

Well I gotta say hunting has never been so fun! Sorry to all the virtual animals that may have been killed in the making of this review. The play controls are pretty much perfect for an old guy like me and the gamelooks and sounds pretty darn good too. For me it's just like the old gamepro magazine used to say, "It's all about the fun factor". For myself I would give Outdoors Unleashed a 4.5 out of 5 in Fun Factor. If you like the oldschool railshooters of the late 80's and 90's this is a definate play for you. I was just thinking today, wouldn't it be neat to see Virtua Cop released with a graphic overhaul for 3ds? I think it would. Right now as close as we get is Outdoors Unleashed which in mybag is pretty darn good. So if your looking for a really good Rail shooter for3ds this game is for you. I just hope Heavy Fire is this good cause I will get that too

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I know everyone's probably made up their minds on this one already, but Nintendo eShop Gamers finally put up their review:


So the game has 4 reviews around the 7-8 mark, an outstanding 9 score, and an underwhelming score of 5 (the review that completely praises it, and the review that bashes it are the two worst reviews, not surprisingly).


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It looks like a fun game, but its not one of the best looking 3DS games out there.
If it ever goes on sale, I'll pick it up.

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According to the Funbox Media website (the game's European publisher), this game will be released as a retail game and will have an SRP of £25 (around $35).

Now I no longer want this game. Such a shame.



Sorry to hear that @C-Olimar.

I think @Windy's review pushes it over the top for me, I'll pick it up first chance I get!

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Huh wasn't Teyon European?
Why aren't they publishing it in Europe too?

Yeah I don’t know either.

Oh look! A Morphloggery.
Oh! eShop Gurus.

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@Morphtroid Teyon didn't develop this game, so I presume the European publisher was already chosen, but not the US publisher, so Teyon stepped in. The US price seems especially cheap now I bet



Wow. I want it really alot but i wont buy it if its not in the Eshop. So I hope they change theyr mind and release it on the Eshop.



Finally caved in and got it.

Not bad at all. The graphics are still hideous, and at times I felt the controls felt looser then they could be (coming from a hardcore defender of Kid Icarus: Uprising). Overall though, the game is decent fun and there's a respectable amount of content for $4.

Also, the animals do attack you in the game, you damn PETA hounders.

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When I first saw a trailer for this game, I couldn't help but laugh. A game where the goal is to lay waste to endangered species? Hilarious. But I had no intention of every getting it. Then a friend suggested it because he loved the "arcade shooter feel" to the game. I went ahead and took the $4 plunge.

Love the game. I've put like 15 hours into it, surprisingly. I almost feel guilty for enjoying it. Yeah, it's screwed up that you shoot elephants, rhinos, and leopards...but it's very fun.

That said, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem I've encountered. I've managed to get every achievement in the game except the medals they give you for beating every level without taking damage, and beating every level without shooting a female. I know I took damage and shot females the first time through the game, but I replayed every single level afterward, sure to avoid any females and taking no damage...but the achievement won't unlock! I thought maybe I missed something the second time through, so I've since replayed every level again...and still no achievement. Anyone know if I'm missing something?

I guess you only get those if you never shoot a female, or never take damage, even if you replay the level? That seems nearly impossible during the first playthrough. Anyway, I hardly expect an answer, but just in case I figured I'd take a shot at getting one. If anyone knows how to acquire those two achievements, I'd love to hear it.

Either way, I dig the game and have had way more fun with it than I expected.

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@MetallicDonkey we have had a look into the issue for you. It seems that with the code there are no issues. An option to help you solve the problem would be for you to send us your Save File that way the programmers can take a look to see whether there is any damage to your file specifically or if there is something else happening. If you can, attach the file to an email and send it to [email protected] . Feel free to also cc myself in the email- [email protected]

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