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So, as usual, I got this for free thanks to twitter and it's a nice little physics puzzle game. You put pieces in the map and hope the Ohno gets to the spaceship, ala Mario vs Donkey kong.


I can't seem to beat level 1-4. Has anyone done that? I'm starting to feel that it's unbeatable! Seeing how all the other levels in the "crash area" were so easy.

Meowph, that's right!

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I didn't try it yet and I got it before it was released on the eshop (got it on the 18th when it came out 21st), also here are some codes, maybe used.

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1-4 says that the Ohno can jump extra height by spring jumping off of a Ramp

What I did was go over the first ramp, I would fly over the first three bombs. Then I would hit the spring then press the jump button when I'm on the next ramp. That would give me super jump over the four bombs. Then I would role down the curve of the next ramp and keep going. I would then place the one spring I have near the chili pepper. As soon as I got to the last ramp I would press the jump button and that would give me a super jump because I would use the spring I picked up. (Just got to time the jump and press A on the ramps to get that boost jump when you have a spring.) You'll even hear the character say sounds like (Yahoo!) when you've done a super jump on the ramp.

I hope that helps

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Oh so you can do a double jump from a ramp after you use a spring?

Thanks, the in game message was pretty vague about it and since the jump button does nothing outside of a spring I was getting a bit hopeless.

Huh still not working, after using the spring the Ohno goes directly into a bomb, skipping the ramp.

Edit 2: OOOOOOOHHHHH the spring is picked up upon contact and then you can use it when you want.

Now I get it.

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Yup, when you have an active spring you do the jump when your on the ramp and you should jump higher.

Good luck with that.



@Undead Terror: I won this too. Thanks. Getting ready to play. I almost didnt get it because, when I saw the codes, I couldnt find a decent wifi spot [i was away from home]. Unfortunatly my fiance didnt get one. She probably could have, but but it took around 40 minutes or so to get a good spot.

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