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Ok I had to make a profile and share my story because I am on cloud 9 that Nintendo did this for me. I got a new Zelda 3DS XL a few weeks ago, transferred my Ambassador Green 3DS I had for two years with all my stuff on it about a thousand dollars worth and loved it. But about a week ago I got my bag stolen which had the system in it. I of course been crushed by this. But I e-mailed Nintendo, they told me to call them so I did, and now they will transfer all my stuff I bought onto a new system!!!!! Hate to buy another 3DS but I was looking at all those purchases gone though.

Nintendo has proven yet again that it is the game company for me.



I got my Gamecube replaced for free after its warranty expired

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Nintendo's customer service is among the best, I've found. Twice now they've replaced the disc drive in my Wii, once in 2008 and again in 2010, and despite it being purchased at launch in 2006 and thus no longer under warranty, they didn't charge me either time.

Sorry to hear your bag got stolen, though!

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Definitely something nintendoes what microsoft and sony don't. I think it's because since nitnendo has more on the line because video games are their only source of revenue they are also more passionate about their customers and treat their customers better long-term than short-term unlike other video game companies. It's a good strategy they do things like that because what's $1000 in downloads you wouldn't redownload probably at least $800 of those games again. When nintendo is on the ball, they're the best in the game.

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It is good to know that Nintendo loves and appreciates its customers and I am glad that I will be able to rely on them if anything goes wrong on my Wii U when i get it. I have been mainly an Xbox 360 player for the past few years and Microsoft aren't very helpful when it comes to anything.







Yeah Nintendo customer service is VERY good. Had to deal with them once and they replaced a Wii that they really didn't have to at their own cost. I thought I would have had to pay repairs on it.



With people spending this amount of money, the proper service by Nintendo should have been that they offer an account based system rather than tot tie digital purchases to one specific hardware unit. I get the point they went the extra mile for you, but my point is that you should noy have been in this situation. Digital distribution should not work this way and be account based like any other service out there.

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just curious what did you buy for 1,000bugs??

edit: yeah nintendos service is really good

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Glad your holiday was savaged when some undesirable member of society tried to ruin it. I've thankfully never had a handheld stolen but it's good to know Ninty is reliable if such a misfortune were to happen.

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