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@WYLD-WOO To be honest I think the whole cheat gate livened things up a bit as the challenge had fallen a little and the game was quietening down at that point. For me anyway the new challenge of being knocked off top spot freshened things up. Sort of like in Grand Theft Auto were instead of sticking to the main story you go off on a civilian killing rampage

@JAb187 I'll maybe keep them there but to be honest when you know a team hasn't a player actively managing them its not as much fun to beat them. Look at Glory Gang, they are just being bypassed by players now as they are not actively being used. Groomsport would become a bit like Bots, added to make up the numbers.

Its up to you now JAb to sort out that Warsaw team who some-how went from having next to no S class players to having almost a full squad of them overnight. You're like a Pitbull, latching onto a team, jaws locked, and don't let go. I enjoyed the challenge. Don't take personal any of my comments I just did it to spice things up and make the challenge more fun. I didn't mean any of it.

@Wyld-Woo, I'd say I would have a fairly similar play time, I checked several weeks ago and it was well over 600hrs, mad really, but then the majority of that is games playing out in the back ground. Still quite a bit of time for a game that's been out for a few months.

Id better add while we're in confessional mode, there is no Tournament Prize, nothing at all!!!!! Tight arse Nintendo have no reward on offer. I just dropped it in to stir the pot and create outrage that a cheater was reaping rewards..... Sorry about that

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@DavyP - The prize you should get is rotten eggs thrown at ya!!! You have however, ave been better an any end boss that I've ever come up against and a true nemesis.

Russ... No need to be sorry, I've enjoyed every minute of it. Plenty of up's and lots of down's, as I said in my previous comment. It's been emotional!!!! LOL.

So, what game(s) are you moving onto? I've treated my-self last week to Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth lnvestigations, which l've been meaning to play for sometime. If you have not completed the new GTA game yet, then do. Trevor is one of my favourite characters of all time.

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aww I love happy ending lol.

at least now my Dragons can try get some attention not too sure if my team is strong or not, 31st EU but 8th UK.

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@WYLD-WOO. I've a massive amount of games I've bought but have barely scrtatched the surface of.

I bought The Witcher 2 really cheap in the steam sale so might give that a go. I've played the first part of it and it seems good. As for GTA I have it on PS3 but think I might wait for the HD release and buy it to finish it. I've still to scratch the surface of Pikimin, LoZ Wind Waker, Wonderful 101, DK Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart etc etc etc. And I still have plenty for my Xbone and PS4 to get through.

I think when you have too much choice you seem to get no where at all. I tend to have a habit of buying all the consoles and I'm not sure it's such a good idea as I don't really ever feel I've really made full use of any particular one of them.

I've been doing a lot of cycling recently as well as watching the World Cup, I managed so much gaming time with NPF as you can play it while you work.

So I've really no idea what to play next, too much choice is a bad thing. It's been strange not playing NPF. I've noticed the number of games against my team has fallen off dramatically and the Warsaw Team is giving my team a wide birth and farming points elsewhere to open a lead at the top. I just ignore that and remember I'm now retired as a club manager.



How can I buy two tomdachi life 3ds game one game half price to pay on line

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Have been playing NPFC for a while now.. not sure how long. My team is FC Leek .. would love to be involved in the community here anyone still playing this actually? I don't have the DLC and tend not to buy it..



I still play occasionally.

Welcome aboard, its a bit of a ghost town around here though.

If you need players let me know.

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What I noticed from online is that most people just above and below me have pretty much equal wins and losses. Say, 31 wins - 30 losses or the other way around. My own team loses as often as it wins. It seems more 'random' than the offline cups. Is that true?



I create account to just ask this, how to win Pro League 1 without friend market? Really frustrating not to know when i have played this 300 hours...

E: I figured it out, thanks anyway

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