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As if Nintendo is already not cheating it's customers by releasing games for the Wii-U, but not the 3DS, (case in point, Super Mario 3 virtual console game, $5 bucks in the eShop, but only if you own a Wii-U) they continuously cheat their customers out of hard earned cash (in a FREAKING HORRIBLE ECONOMY!) by charging more for downloadable games that can be bought elswhere at retail for less! I paid $16 for Rayman 3D, (no way I would pay $29 for this stripped down version of Rayman DS, happy at $16 though) and the eShop charges $29.99? Are they clueless? I would rather have this game on my 32GB flash card ready to play, and would gladly give Nintendo 15.99 for it, but why on earth would I purchase the game as a download for twice that? Another game I would like to have ready to play on my flash card is "Classic Games Overload Card & Puzzle Edition". What a great variety of games to have at your disposal when your cartridges are elswhere. However, Nintendo in all their wisdom, wants me to pay $29.99 for the privilege of downloading instead of the $19.99 I can purchase the retail version of at Gamestop? These are just a few major gripes that are pushing me torward the competiton fast! Nintendo has too many franchises I like, Mario for one, and they know we as customers are stuck! It's either buy both Nintendo's systems so you can play all available games or by one or the other, and regret it when a game is developed for one, but not the other. Rayman Legends is another case in point, Wii-U only for now, and if they do a 3DS version, much of the content will be cut due to Nintendo deliberately designing the 3DS to have many limitations. Though I love Mario bros. in any form, I am going to continuelly bash Nintendo when I see an opportunity to do so as they are continuelly Bashing my wallet, and those of children around the globe! Nintendo and all their childlike hype are designed to make the customer spend cash! I actually hope they go bankrupt, then I won't have to make the decission to cut the ties I've had since the Gamboy Color years. Just a big disappointment of a company! They need to throw Iwata to the wolves if he is the cause of all the rage many Nintendo customers like myself have. They need a complete restructuring not only of the company, but the devices as well. They need to be compatible like Sony's new system, and someone at Nintendo should have had the foresight to see this coming as well as the addition of Android to the handheld, and the console as an option. This is the way gaming is headed imo, but I'm sure many will not agree. However, if Nintendo can sell a 3DS with 15 year old tech which is good at one thing, playing games, and not much else; then come google's Nexus for $199 with a fantastic set of functions, real GPS, great screen, fast CPU, fairly fast GPU, look it up, you'll see what you can buy for under $200 bucks. Nintendo should be ashamed, and may very well go bankrupt due to their pricing strategies, and seperating the two gaming systems to make yet more cash! It's all hogwash Nintendo, and we customers, I for one, am done! I will buy when on sale, paid $145 for my 3DS at Target, new and w/ the 15 month warranty, and a 90 day return to boot; now thats service and customer satisfaction. You might try to take some cues form your retailers Nintendo? You certainly have no clue about US consumption of products and media, and you are paying the price as your stock is going down the tubes!

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Tuberocity wrote:

As if Nintendo is already not cheating it's customers by releasing games for the Wii-U, but not the 3DS, (

Well, I stopped reading after that.

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Yeah man! eShop games are too expensive! They actually expect me to pay $2 for Gunman Clive!? Am I made of money!? Shame on you Nintendo for making games so super expensive! /sarcasm

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You know Nintendo doesn't own Rayman nor do they control it's pricing right?
And nobody is forcing you to buy anything right?

Also LJM was doing what you're trying to do better, before it was cool, so there.

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The only thing priced too high in the E-Shop is the 3D Poke'dex as far as I know.

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Is something else making you mad, by any chance?


The retailers probably charge lower price to get rid of excessive stocks. In fact, I do believe that the retailers are in charge of setting the prices, and so game prices may be lower for reasons specific to that retailer (correct me if I'm wrong).

Downloadable games, on the other hand, have the prices strictly set (by the publishers I think) so that they can get the money they need to develop more games. Not to mention that the game servers serving the downloadable content won't maintain themselves, nor will anybody will maintain it without being paid.

Lastly, the company is somewhat making some progression with delivering game sales.

In the end though, it just sounds like you are too concerned with sustaining your budget for other stuff and getting your money's worth, rather than enjoying the games. If so, the Playstation and PS+ might be better for your needs. And while it's unfortunate that Nintendo isn't doing what you want them to do, they have their reasons for their actions so far.

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I don't think the prices are too high, I just think that you are just too spoiled by the underpriced games on ios and android..

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thanks for wasting my time
go and buy an iphone.. you'll have a huge selection of free and/or 99cent games... which all obviously suck, but you do too - so it should be perfect for a virgin kid like yourself

oh wait.. i forgot, you have this money problem
no way in hell will you ever be able to afford an iphone QQ

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wait until target #())#$ you over when you try to get your system replaced in those 15 months... It says REPLACEMENT but when i asked they said its up to Target at the time to either give your cash back or give you a new USED system with no warranty so it could blow up the next day and your sol

if nintendo has to price their games the same as a store lets open up a store and charge 1 cent for all the game so nintendo can only sell the games for 1 cent.




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2 words for you: Inventory Costs

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the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
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Shadowing27 wrote:

Tuberocity wrote:

As if Nintendo is already not cheating it's customers by releasing games for the Wii-U, but not the 3DS, (

Well, I stopped reading after that.

Me too. I've already had my daily doses of whining and negativity.

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