Topic: NA Nintendo Show 3D Cancelled?

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I always liked Nintendo Week with Greg and Alison a lot better, I kind of wish that they would have just kept that going and had it play on both the Wii & 3DS.

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As you may see, I have already posted on that thread, and completely know about it.

As for why I posted on this thread, I was just being stupid while I was examining my previous "Forum Posts", as it has officially been one year since I joined Nintendo Life... Well, a year and two days.

Also, I am half asleep. I should prob. GO to sleep.

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Technically, this thread came way before the other one.

Granted, this one was originally created due to a misunderstanding at the time, but it did come first


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Yeah, I watched, & she said something about it being the last show, ending, or something to that effect. Wonder if it's just going on hiatus.

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I hope that is just a break. I liked it I mean it didnt tell me stuff I didnt know already but it was a nice little show.

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Sad, sad, sad. I always thought Jessie brought a cool, not-corny or trashy vibe to Nintendo news. She's actually a really funny actress with a running series of comedy shorts called Tiny Apartment. Check it out.

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