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I haven't, and I was interested, but then I heard it's VERY VERY VERY Bad. Mostly because the graphics are all jaggy and there is no 3D whatsoever,

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The Amazon reviews for it (2 of them) are low, too, but has anyone in here tried it? I've never played it before, so I wouldn't care about whether it lives up to any nostalgia.



It's a "first person adventure point and click-esque game more fondly remembered by it's fans. If you never played it when it came out, chances are you'll hate it now. Time hasn't treated it too well. The music and sound effects are terrible, gameplay (if it can be called that) may well send you to sleep. It's good to see what you may call a cult game on 3DS though. Read about it and watch some videos first before you decide on buying it. It's not for everyone.

They seem to have sped up the footage during the navigation parts of the video. You don't move that fast, well you didn't in the original. I can only hope for new comers that they have put some speed into the movement because it was awful on PC.

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I bought it last week for $20 retail I would of preferred the RealMYST version but I enjoyed it anyway. I definitely would not pay $30 for the download because you can't trade the mofo back when you're finished or if you don't like it.

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I decided to give it a try and downloaded it.

Worst purchase ever. The thing is unplayable.
Everything is blurry and feels unfinished.
The controls are impossible.

The thing even crashed on me twice already (And just after I could enter one of the eras!).

Yeah I don’t know either.

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