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@Dark_TeeJay Shantae had the makings of an excellent action-adventure game, but fell completely flat in execution. While the dungeons had some cool designs to them (though they were too short and WAY too few... 2 dungeons? Really?) the overworld was generally a confusing, albeit pretty, mess. Your map is completely useless, and most of the overworld was really just walking from A to B. Some of the monkey platoforming areas were cool, but the rest of the action is pretty bland. Combat is especially disappointing - your cool back dash is useless, and the strategy for basically every enemy is whip until they fall down. Searching for collectibles is a stupid chore, as well - the world isn't huge, but it's big enough that you can't remember if you've checked every corner, leading to tons of double-checking since, again, your map is garbage.

The adventure aspects really disappointed me though. The game starts off great, with well-drawn characters and witty dialogue. Some of the dialogue really had me on the floor, even. However, the game then does nothing with it. The bad pirate steals your egg, and you steal it back. The end. All of the cool secondary characters get, like, 2 lines of dialogue. I understand that WayForward originally wanted to make this an episodic game, which might be why this one feels cut short, but I just feel like they wasted the whole town and all of the other characters, giving the game a very "unfinished" feeling.

It's a great-looking game with a lot of personality, that's for sure, but I really thought Shantae was a great example of having almost everything right, and then ruining it with some very poor design decisions. Why is the map SO bad? Why not add some quests for the secondary characters, even if it's just "go here and kill 10 bad guys." They were lots of great-looking areas that you just passed through once and never looked back - why not use them? Why does the town NEVER change? Again, I'm being harsh here, but for a game that was supposed to be an adventure-platformer, it's amazing how much a little extra dialogue would have gone.

Back on topic, though - I'm glad to hear that the gameplay is up to snuff in Max. Can't wait.

PS. One last thing, and this applies to all of WayForward's games - I'm sorry, but I'm just kind of creeped out by their female character designs. Does EVERY female need to bounce? Do we need that much cartoon cleavage? I'm embarrassed to let anyone see me playing one of their games, since it looks like some weird, foreign cartoon porn.



Dark_TeeJay wrote:

@Rococoman I can't think of a single bad aspect about Shantae. What could there possibly be to be disappointed in?

Length? Too much sexiness?



Just completed the game, with all shinies collected!

And what's that i see? Another awesome eShop game that gives special thanks to one Corbie Dillard!

Defintely playing through again, but this time it's Super Power Granny Time!
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If there's one thing that scared me in Mutant Mudds (besides the pigs...), it was the freakin' time limit. Just having four minutes to finish the last level was nerve-wracking. I completed that level with only ten seconds left to spare, and I felt like I was on the top of the world beating it.

That's why I love Mutant Mudds. It gives the player a sense of completion, that you really beat the game. The game is worth every penny and second for me. If you love old-school platforming, Mutant Mudds is a great game for you.

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Also completed everything a while ago and I must say, while this game isn't perfect, it Nails what makes Retro games great. Not the best eshop game IMO(Pushmo reigns supreme) but it has more longevity than VVVVVV or Mighty Switchforce and it is certainly worth the $9. Also, that last unlock which Shpydar spoiled is awesome, Will be replaying all the levels with that one. I'm gonna Barbecue those piggies for all the BS they put me through >:]

@Stargazer I really don't see sexiness as an issue... heck the characters don't have much cleavage as compared to other games. If anything, they are more cute than sexy.

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Oddy wrote:

@the_shypdar SPOILERS! I could guess but still...

Also, beat the last cloud level finally. I've collected all the Golden Diamonds and Water this world.

I realized after i posted that it could be a bit spoliery, but not tremndously so ... but still, mah bad, sorry!

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I've already replayed the game once and am currently playing through it a third time. It's just so good.

One thing to add, Stage 1-2's music is so great. I get it stuck in my head all the time, it's such a great tune.

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I don't understand all the ragging on the pig things, lol. All you have to do to dodge their bombs is jump. XD


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How many blocks does this take up?



@Nintyboy - 137; it's fairly tiny in comparison to some other eShop releases.

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And i thought Mighty Switch Force was great....Well it is, but it's a little short on content, although it does rock the greatest S3D out of any 3DSWare release that I've played. Anyways! Mutant Mudds surpassed my expectations and 12-Bit bananza--beyond.

I've put in 3 gaming sessions '2 hours each' and all i need are 9 more Golden Diamonds along with 100 Water sprites and I'm pretty much done, aside from having to finish the final stage which is pretty brutal(just the way i like it) difficulty wise. That aside, the chip tines are fantastic(Sky Land especially), the level design is brilliant, the 3D is pretty darn cool and the game is just insanely addictive and fun....Plus I love the grounded, quirky and fun NES like introduction and plot. Grannies Attic for weapon/item upgrading was a great idea.

If there's anything i don't like it would have to be that there isn't a single boss in sight, which is kind of dissapointing.

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I got this game on Sunday and I have to say it exceeded my expectations by a lot. I really like the collection aspect of the game and how it's permanent as well as how they give you a jetpack but instead of making the game easy, it requires you to use it perfectly to progress. The switching between foreground and background is a neat feature that really goes well with the game design as well as looking spectacular in 3D.

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finally beat the game, collected all of the water sprites along with the Golden Diamonds. I'd say overall it has the slight edge on Mighty Switch Force, mainly due to having more content, and offering a meatier and longer experience. It's truly one of the best retro experiences I've had. Is it amazing? ehhh, not quite. Is it totaly awesome? YUP! The lack of 'any' boss battle and 'generic' stock looking enemy design kind of knock down the experience a smidge, otherwise it's an 8.5 - 9 overall.

This is pure retro gaming at it's finest and it's incredibly well tuned and thought out. The 3D effect is dazzling(Wait until you see the last level! Watch for the little stars and Rotating Spikes in the background & forground) at times and completely boosts the fun & wow factor. I wish ALL videogames utilized S3D. 2D is just boring, flat, dull, nowhere near as interesting and immersive visually, unexciting and unrealistic in depth perception in comparison. Whoever says 3D in gaming is a stupid gimmick is a Fry guy-fool. Anyways! Here's to a 16-Bit sequal!


So what exactly happens when you beat the game with Super Grannie? As great and flabtastic as Mutant Mudds is, I'm not quite too sure I'd go through it again even though it obviously wont take as long or be as challenging with good old Super powered grandma!

Also, the last stage will completely kick your mega butt. It's easily one of the best designed retro stages I've ever played(The last 4 for that matter)and the last section will possibly have you tearing your hair out....Those tiny little blobs in the far far background and that last tricky final jump especially screwed me right over many times to the point where i wanted to Shoot a flippin' Hadouken at my 3DS.

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Is this game out in Australia? I looked and I can't find it on the eShop.

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The Grannie option is just for having all the power ups at once, It doesn't do anything to the ending.

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So I really feel like an @$$ I get to World 5? Do I need to complete worlds 1-4 first?

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