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Topic: MK7 might be coming to eShop

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if it is going to the eshop, you can bet that it will take a lot of memory, because of the online, spot pass and so on

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OlympicCho wrote:

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iphys wrote:

It makes sense, because they don't keep games in print forever, and as a downloadable game they can make it available in precisely the quantities that people need rather than wasting money producing extra copies people may never want. If I were Nintendo, I would probably just print one run for each game, and then if people haven't pre-ordered it, there's no guarantee of finding a retail copy down the road. They make more money off the downloads anyway.

However, when physical games go out of print, they become collectibles, and until every single copy breaks (Rare working NES games are still here.), they'll still be available permanently (albeit for higher or lower prices depending on the rarity). And they're shareable legally.

You can't legally share your digital games ATM nor can you trade them. And once digital-only games go out of print, they GONE except for means of piracy.

Nintendo cares about any of that why?

Believe it or not, most companies are not in the habit of doing stuff that benefits the consumer with no kick- back (ie revenue) for them.

Yeah, but at the same time there are tons of people that will only buy physical games so they can return them or share them with others. It's too big an audience to miss out on.

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Hmm... that's nice. I already bought the cartridge of MK7 though so no need to dl it.

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