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Soon enough I hope- can't wait for this game! The 'Mighty' games are some of my favorites and I'm pretty sure I'll buy the new one when it releases.

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I am seriously hyped for this! I have MSF on 3DS and it is great.(Although I think the par times are rediculous.) I may get MSF HD Edition to help encourage a Wii U version.


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MrSRArter wrote:

Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Wonder what Patricia will look like.

Same here, I wonder if she is a firefighter or a nurse.

Or maybe, that baby is Patrica, maybe some aliens or something has turned everybody into babies and Patrica was fighting these aliens, when they zapped her and she turned into a baby, but that means the worlds only hope is..............Corporal Gendarmor (The giant police robot) (I review stuff here, check it out : P )

I love to rev up those fryers!

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Some epic artwork, except what I suspect is meant to be a hose looks like some phallic symbol/a cartoon flipping the bird when in silhouette.

Still, can't wait. Hoping for more content then original.

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The screenshots look great! The pixel art looks even better! I love that the Hooligan sisters are more personalized this time! The ice cream eating one is adorable. I prefer blue so not digging Wagon's color change, but it does look cool overall.
Sounds like they're aiming for a spring release! Fantastic! Oh god I'm hyped!


I see this is listed below but not the new Shantae? Really? I need some Metroidvania in 3D.

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