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Topic: Mario Minis March Again or On The Move?

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Which is a better puzzle game? Also for user created puzzle do both now have a lot of puzzles to download? Also which is harder?




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Well this should be in the 3DS eShop Recommendation Thread Here:

I think both are great games, and very different. I would recommend the newer one just because it will have better support for User Created Puzzles which we have a thread for Here:

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The main trouble with Minis March Again, is that a large majority of the user created puzzles are painful. If you pull up the list of "Top Rated" puzzles, most of them are one trick ponies, or auto complete levels, and almost all of them look hideous.

This will still likely eventually be a problem with Minis on the Move, but I'm at least hoping if we get a good group together to create and share levels we won't have to worry too much about that.

Having said that, if you do decide to get Minis on the Move, or if anyone else reading this still wants to PLAY Minis on the Move, you should go HERE, so we can add one another and share levels! I have a full level set on March of the Minis that is just dying to be played!

I'm also trying to get a similar thread going again for Miniland Mayhem, the DS title, HERE.

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