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Anyone able to get the DLC yet? I can't yet... it's stupid to have to wait on spotpass for this...



I have the shop available, but I'll have to wait as I need a new eShop card.

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Nah, I don't like coin-rush and these level pack things seem pretty lame.

I'd rather have Nintendo do 'World Packs' or something. They already have flower and mushroom, why not make more based on other power-ups with full sets of levels and castles? I'd definitely buy that.

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I only bought the golden flower pack (since I don't really play coin rush) and it was pretty fun and I got loads of coins but there's only 3 levels in a pack so I might not get the rest.

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I got the 2nd pack. The packs are more fun if you play them a lot since you get better and better


gold rush pack is really easy. as long as you get above 3000 coins by the end of the first level and hit all of the doublers, there`s no reason that you can`t get the 30000 top score. i would definitly recomend this one.
the coin challenge pack is ok, it`s not as easy to get a good high score as gold rush, but still entertaining.
the nerve wrack pack is more frustratingly annoying than anything. the first level has to be done really quickly and so precise it put you off from wanting to play it again.

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I don't want the DLC packs. I only play coin rush mode when there is a streetpass challenge available so I don't play coin rush mode much.

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I got the Nerve Pack. I think it's great. It's challegin, but not unfair.



What happen if you streetpass somebody that didn't have the pack that make you score ?

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I got all three and I think that they are all grand. The Coin Challenge is probably the weakest but its still great. Gold Rush is reallly fun and gives you Gold Flowers in abundance and let s you really go nuts. The Nerve Wrack is also killer as it is a throwback to the difficulty and the checkpointless challenges of Mario yesteryore. I have not yet beaten the last level in the pack but it's stylized after my favorite levels in the game - the canons!

This is GREAT content, and I'm having a blast with it. I'll definite buy the next packs.



So anyone know what happen if you streetpass somebody that didn't have the pack that make you score the best ?

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These packs are appealing, but I don't have the cash to shell out nearly a dollar a level.

Hopefully sooner or later down the road we'll see a bundle discount.

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Man, there should've been a pack to play as Wario, seeing as this game is basically tailor-made for his personality type. What I would give to have Nintendo to feature Wario and friends as playable characters in a main mario game.....oh wait (SM64 DS).
Still though I don't know why in the console versions of the NSMB series the 3rd and 4th characters aren't Wario and Waluigi, If they were it would be an epic win!

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