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Oh my, yet another Solitaire Mahjong game. I already have 2 on my 3DS (3D Mahjongg and 5-In-1 Mahjong), although one is meant to replace the other so I technically really only have one game. I wonder how this one stacks up to those.

I really have no interest in stories for a S. Mahjong game, and the tile patterns doesn't look as nice/crisp.clean as the two games I do have (my opinion). It does have this mode where you 'battle' against AI on the same board, and it has a level editor that you can share with through Streetpass. I doubt that would ever come in handy though. It's such a niche genre that I doubt anyone near me would buy it and share layouts.

Is anyone getting this even if they already have 3D Mahjongg from Joindots? I wonder if this game actually has the Turtle layout. 3D Mahjongg didn't and I was disappointed.

Here's the official page thingiebob:

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With 3D Mahjongg I already have all the mahjong I'll need

Yeah I don’t know either.

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I most likely won't get this either but I still wanna know what people think of it.

Yowsa!! Just realized the game is 10 bones!

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Does anyone know if this is the same game as the retail version (which costs ~ $20) or a "lite" version?

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I never knew this was a retail version, but going through the features list on that website and the 3DSware version on Nintendo's website, it looks to be the retail version and not a 'lite' version as the features are the exact same for both.

I guess that explains the higher price tag.

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I like Mahjong, and the review this game just received on this site almost makes me want to get it even though I bought 3D Mahjongg not too long ago.

$10 just seems like too much. If I didn't already have 3D Mahjongg, maybe I'd get it.

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So, I posted at the review but I'll post my question here as well: Does the "warriors" theme/story distract from the core mahjong experience? I didn't like the "rivers mode" in Mahjong 3D for that reason.

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I will post here too, but you can switch from "Rivers" to "Classic" mode in 3D Mahjongg, in case you didn't know. You'll never see "Rivers" again once you switch.

The review for this game didn't make me want to go ahead and buy it. It's just Mahjong with a story (these type of games never need one). I never use 'level editors' in games that include them (My PC game does but I find it useless). highly doubt many peoplewill be buying it so I can streetpass with them, considering it's a niche genre that most people will find boring.

3D Mahjongg is good enough for me, unless another game comes along with the Turtle layout and no story and no tile highlighting. I was disappointed 3D Mahjongg doesn't have Turtle but everything else is good.

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Bankai wrote:

I'll just wait for a real Mahjong game.

You'll be waiting a long while (or never) then as real Mahjong is unheard of mostly outside of Asia. There's no point in localizing any of them if so few people are going to buy it.

You should buy a Japanese 3DS then, or import and play on your DS. Japan has quite a ton of Mahjong games.

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