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Lola’s Math Train, the first Lola Panda Nintendo 3DS app, is available 3/21. All aboard the Math Train, for fun time with Lola the Panda!

Children ages 3-8 can enjoy 19 different basic math games that challenge them with addition, subtraction, puzzles, shapes, sequencing and matching. As the child improves their skills, the questions become more challenging; when additional practice is needed, the game will remain at the level until it has been mastered.

Take a sneak-peak now to see how fun learning can be on Lola’s Math Train. If you are an editor or blogger, please contact us for game specifications, screen shots, pricing details and for a full press release with promotional game codes.

For Inquiries, please contact, mika(at)beiz(dot)com
Check out the YouTube trailer:


The game will be available in North America on the 21st of March, European release date to be announced. The game will be available for Nintendo 3DS via the Nintendo eShop.

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I remember Nintendo giving the DSiware version a good score, but this game is not my cup of tea, but there are children out there that would like this.

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Cool! This will certainly broaden the appeal of the eShop.



Thanks for question. Don't know yet. Lola's Beach Puzzle case hasn't been studied seriously. I Spy with Lola might fit very well on 3DS...



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