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Does anybody knows if Kid Ikarus Uprising will see its ways into the eshop?

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I'm going to guess, and say no. Why? The physical game comes with a stand, and a few AR cards. While those Items aren't required to play/beat the game, that means a digital release wouldn't be a complete package.

That's also why Spirit Camera: the Cursed Memoir won't be released digitally (since it comes with an AR book, which is required for completion).


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I think it could since you can just get all the extras individually

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Quite possibly.
Just have to wait and see.


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It could, but as people said, you'd be missing on some stuff.

And again, they can't charge MSRP with missing content (they shouldn't be charging MSRP for year-old games that go for below $20 IMO but whatever).

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