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Figured id put up a small discussion about Nikoli's newest addition to the eShop, and there's more to expect from him as well. Anyway, compared to his last Sudoku game, which probably won't be popular considering nintendo's decision to make Brain Age Sudoku a reward to Club Nintendo members, I think this one may be a little more interesting. What do you think?



I only wouldn't buy it because of the price. He's going to make some more number puzzle games, but I think that these games are worth 2 or 3 dollars per title. The next one I heard he would make is Slitherlink. It's on nintendo's release calender.



dark-insanity wrote:

its just shovelware,theres already one on the dsiware,something not many people are gonna buy.

"Shovelware" is a little harsh, don't you think?

From what I understand, this isn't a bad game in any stretch of the imagination, it's just a little pricy for what's offered (and being a number cruncher, it's a little niche).

If being slightly overpriced is what makes a game shovelware, then I guess you're right, but I had always thought as shovelware as a game that is literally broken in design and/or concept. This game's mechanics are completely fine though, it's just a little pricy.

It's not something I'd consider buying, but it certainly doesn't scream "shovelware" to me either. Yes, there might be DSiWare puzzlers that have more to offer, but that just means they're a better pick, it doesn't mean that this game is bad (also this game has a few minor advantages over any DSiWare offerings, such as SD card play, higher resolution, and 3D effect). sure, as a number puzzler some of the advantages are superficial (namely the resolution and 3D effect), but some will choose the game that supports 3DS' capability, just for the sake of having such capabilities.


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The only problem I see with this is that Telegraph Sudoku & Kakuro already exists for less than 1/2 of the price and with 10 times more puzzles

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