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Looks visually impressive but can't help but get a Conduit feeling from it, if it's at a decent price I'll give it a go:

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Heh, Looks like something you would see on the Xbox 360, which is good. If it plays as well as it runs and looks, I'll give a lookie-see.

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it looks impressive but that "100% assembly language" seems 500% far fetched to me... that language is so low level that it would take an eternity(or a few months for super geniuses) to make something like this! unless it's some language derived from the old assembly, like C++ is to C, or maybe some new "Visual something" made for easier programming in assembly...
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Wow! That's really impressive! It's far beyond what I had previously assumed the maximum processing capabilities of the 3DS were... so again, wow!

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It looks just like Gears of War, it even have the same gameplay..sorta.
If this has a solid multiplayer I'm sold.

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Reminds me of Gears of War, I'm most definitely intrigued by the game. Is it exclusive to the Eshop? It would appear to have potential as a physical release.

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The more I see it, the more I want to play it. 0,0



The 3ds needs more games like this but they need to be good not just look good! I hope the gameplay matches the visuals!

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