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Windy wrote:

I ended up buying this last night and have put in 4 and a half very frustrating hours of playing this. The graphics for starters are pretty bad. Dont expect a 3d extravaganza cause use of 3d is minimal. The storyline is this horrible juvenile storyline that even a kid in junior high might want to separate themselves from. now the soccer itself. There is no Fifa/PES soccer about it. You dont have much control at all over your players. you can pass the ball once in a while and try to get ball up field to shoot. but the soccer portion of the game is terrible and frustrating. I am seriously perplexed how this game gets shining reviews it does. I love all the Level 5 games in the Eshop except this one. I also enjoy a good sim game from time to time and this isnt a good sim game. If your lookin for a sim to play dont waste your 20 bucks on this. I got more enjoyment out of Bookstore Dreams than I have with my 4 and half hours of this hunk of a bad game. sorry but this game is definately not for me.

Wait for a sale if your pondering this. or just do yourself a favor and move along. I wish I had moved along.

It is a port of a DS game, so the lack of good, 3D graphics isn't all that surprising.
The soccer part definitely takes some getting used to (took me about 10 hours to get used to it), and the lack of Fifa-style play is definitely a good thing. I feel like a more realistic experience would have detracted from the game's charm greatly.

I could be wrong, but I feel like you may be setting yourself up to dislike this game by expecting a sim game rather than an RPG.

I will admit, the story is cliche (and pretty shallow too), but I still think the game was a fun and entertaining experience.

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Cringing is really fun.


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