Topic: If Nintendo decided that they able to give two (and only TWO) more games the "3D Classics" treatment, what would you want them to make?

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Dont see why you'd expect SNES games to be 3D-Classics. It'd never happen, and IF IT DID, the games would take so long to produce you wouldnt be seeing them until 2013.

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Punch-Out and Kung-Fu.

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due to legal issues this one won't happen, but mother 3 and super metroid

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Super Mario Bros 2 NES with 'new' 8-bit Backdrops in 3D.
And of course, Punch-Out!!



If its still only NES games then Punch-out and Mother, if not then this:

LordTendoboy wrote:

Punch Out (NES or Super NES versions)

Virtual Boy Wario Land (in full color)


they could release a snes title like super mario world but if only nes well then a fighting game and a platformer then its all good,im pretty sure they are making a link to the past in 3d

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