Topic: If Nintendo decided that they able to give two (and only TWO) more games the "3D Classics" treatment, what would you want them to make?

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I know Nintendo opted to only do six "3D Classics" games due to the amount of work time needed, but what if Nintendo decided that they able to give us two (and only TWO) more games the "3D Classics" treatment as an encore, what would you want them to be?

Mine are:

*Super Punch Out (There is only 1 game in the series that's not based on a NES/Famicom game, so this would diversify it more.)
*Space Harrier (Sega has yet to contribute to this series even though Namco and Konami both have, plus there would be another arcade game in the mix to go along with Xevious. Especially Space Harrier since that game was made for 3D.)


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Star Fox and Star Soldier :3



Space Harrier would be an awesome 3D game.

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OMG star fox ftw

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sykotek wrote:


I second this motion.

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LoZ: ALtTP would be cool but I don't see how 3D could benefit Super Metroid. I based my choices on games that would benefit from the 3D.



Space Harrier would be my first choice even though its by Sega.

Second I would love to see the original Donkey Kong get the 3D treatment along with adding the missing level.

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@sykotek i have both of those games in the actual hard copy and in perfect condition, i have played them so many times in my life they are the best games i've and ever will play in my life.

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paper boy,mortal kombat 1,2,3 "word"...

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secret of mana (only if they added in more then 1 player and) super metroid


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Blaster Master and Super Mario Bros. 3

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Punch Out (NES or Super NES versions)

Virtual Boy Wario Land (in full color)

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Super mario world and super mario kart or starfox

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Donkey Kong Country and Goldeneye 64. The latter clearly will not happen, but it's a nice enough dream.



Link to the Past and Super Mario World. Or if they stick to the NES games, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Legend of Zelda.

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well I remeber at E3 2010 they had a 3D classic Nazo no Mursamjou so maybe that and devil world

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NES: Punch-Out, 3D World Runner (or something like that)
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