Topic: Ideas on New 3DS Club Nintendo Games for February?

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well nevermind guys, there's only 2 games and they're pretty lame..



DavynD wrote:

I hate paying for 3DS VC games only to see them as Club Rewards a month later... >_>

I'd be willing to part with any amount of Club points if it meant I could get Shantae or Mighty Milky Way.

know what you mean,got 3d classics kirbys adventure which is 7 bucks and if that were to be on club nintendo...


Mario Party 2 isn't bad at all...

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Nintengenius wrote:

Mario Party 2 isn't bad at all...

It isn't but I have it sitting in my n64 right now, as well as on wii64



dark-insanity wrote:

still time to hope for next months game

at least it's a short month



i have two old Wii Systems and won''t be getting any download games because I know that when they die so will all the downloaded games. So with the 3DS I know I can transfer my games to the next 3DS as long as I transfer them before it craps out. I wish it would be like the PSN where you can re-download games to a new system without having to have a working old one.

This month I got Art Acasemy, last month I got the minis march again game. I expected this month again 2 downloads for the 3DS and not just one. I would also like to see Shantae, Cave story, Metroid 2, and Super Mario Land 2



@malle66 - None of those games you mentioned seem likely to come anytime soon. Shantae and Cave Story are 3rd party titles, so Nintendo would have to cut some weird deal with WayForward (for Shantae) or Nicalis (for Cave Story) with some type of recompensation, and it just seems like too big of a hassle when they could just offer one of their smaller, not selling too well games. Speaking of smaller, not selling too well games, that's probably why we won't be seeing Metroid II or SML2 anytime soon; those games are selling (and will most likely to continue to sell, given their popularity) too well for Nintendo to lose profits to reward CN people.

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malle66 wrote:

i have two old Wii Systems and won''t be getting any download games because I know that when they die so will all the downloaded games.

I don't understand that. Why would they ever die? They're not living creatures. If they stop working, you can fix them, no? What is it? If it's the laser or the reading mechanism, then it doesn't affect the downloaded games, so you're left with the actual CPU/GPU which will cost more money to repair/replace and small stuff like the fan or something which will be easier to fix? People are still playing with their NES, no? Nintendo is around and you can always fix it with them. So I think you should feel pretty good about downloading them, if that's the reason....

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