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Hi everybody, what are the differences between this games? Is Pushmo an update of Crashmo or both are totally different puzzles buth with same characters?

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Crashmo is the sequel to Pushmo, where unlike in the original, blocks are affected by gravity and must be pushed/pulled around in all four directions. I hear it is even better than Pushmo.

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After playing 35 levels of Crashmo (20 being tutorial levels) I am enjoying it much more then Pushmo. However, I got tired of Pushmo after living it for.a short while so I'd wait to judge. It's definitely more challenging, and less repetitive due to more mechanics/free space.

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Pushmo came before Crashmo, but the two are different enough that I really can't claim you could judge one based on the other. If you're interested in Crashmo (and live in NA), I'd get it sometime this week, since it's on sale for $6 iirc, and considering how stingy Nintendo's been with its sales, it probably won't go down again.

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Well I think you should get Pushmo first, THEN get Crashmo after playing heaps of Pushmo, so you can appreciate the evolution of the titles best. They are both great games worth playing, but Crashmo is more complex and evolved than Pushmo, so if you play both at the same time, you may end up tiring of Pushmo quickly, which is unfair to the title.

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I second what SirSmugleaf said. I also think this progression is good because Pushmo is a bit easier than Crashmo (though having said that, it DOES get very difficult in the later levels, but not as difficult as Crashmo gets pretty quickly) and it will introduce you to a few key concepts that will be VERY useful once you start playing Crashmo. Pushmo is a great start and you can use the skills developed on the game to not start off Crashmo feeling entirely intimidated

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undead_terror wrote:

Still don't know if I want this or not, gotta make up my mind before the sale ends.

Even if your not going to play it for while because of other games you didn't finish the best idea would be to buy it while it's on sale leave it on the system finish your other games then play it. That way you don't have to pay $8 & get it for several dollars cheaper. I've done that before. I got several games in the e-shop when they were on sale & didn't play them til months later because was busy finishing other games but glad I got them when i did because I didn't have to pay full price for them.

It's up to you but I'd buy it while it's on sale. Plus it's made by nintendo. I haven't seen nintendo do to many games I didn't like. It's rare when they make a game that's really bad.

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