Topic: I have a few questions about Pheonix Wright Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies

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So, how much memory does it use?
Is it a long game? ( Longer than something found on the eshop )
Does it get repetitive after a while?
I know there stupid questions, but, I'm a little tight on cash, so If I'm going to download something, I want to be sure I'll enjoy it.

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It's 4,432 blocks big and, personally, I've spent almost 32 hours playing it (not including the DLC which I've yet to buy).

As for your third question, it's hard to say. I've heard it's easier than previous games, but playing it for the story (and twists) is good enough reason to buy it. You've got three characters with a different courtroom ability, so there's a little variety in there.

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have you played previous games on the series? if you enjoyed them you'll probably enjoy it if you didn't you won't..... If you have never play a game in the series, you need to ask yourself whether it is your type of game..... do you enjoy text heavy games with visual novel aesthetics and limited interaction which focus primarily on telling a story? I do so that's why I love ace attorney. However other people are turned off by those very same elements

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Did you at least enjoy the demo? If so you should like the game as it's more of the same! I to also spent about 30 or so hours and i'm a bit into the dlc case! Game had some nice surprising twist to keep me interested the whole way through!

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I too have a question, it'll probably sound strange, but I have my reasons.

The question is, how much of the whole spiritual thing is in this game? The first 2 games had an OK amount. Number 3 had a lot. Miles Edgeworth had zip. And Apollo justice also had zip, so I'd just like to know before I go ahead and purchase it, thanks.

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Can you clarify what you mean by "spiritual thing"?



The spirit summoning and what not

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As far as I can remember there's only one case with a spiritual/antique Japanese demons theme going on - it's mild and doesn't enter in the trial 100% like the crazy stuff in Trials & Tribulations. The rest of the game is pretty much all "physical".

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@Leonn I haven't played DD so I can't actually help but just out of curiosity are you a fan of the spiritual medium stuff or not really? I know it took me a bit to get used to since way back when I played the first one I thought the games were supposed to be "realistic" (at least as much as could be expected from a video game) and logical due to them centering around lawyers but now I just embrace the zaniness and go with the flow lol. Although I won't lie, I can never get used to seeing Pearl channelling Mia. That is still always weird on so many levels.



The second case has demon aspects. I don't want to spoil anything, but think of it like an episode Scooby Doo - the ghosts are never real, it's always a bad guy in disguise. Just an example, but it has relevance.



@laytonapprentice I am against it, and I find it offensive, and also, like you said, it doesn't really fit the game, I can understand having like your mentor talk to u through your mind to help you, but the whole channeling thing just doesn't fit, and is pointless.

So I guess I could just ask the next question, a more important one, are there pentagrams(the satanic symbol) in the game? And so there is absolutely no "spirit" summoning in this game correct?

Thanks for all the help by the way

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Kind of spoiler alert!
No, there is no spirit summoning in Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies but they do have a case that evolves demons. In the second case it talks about two opposing cities each having a demon that they praise in some way. The towns are named after the two different demons. They see one as some sort of hero because someone is using the theme of that demon as a wrestling persona. While the demons aren't real (I'm trying not to spoil it) but the people involved in the case are very involved with the myths. There is also a part of that case where you have to help a girl remember how the room was set up during the trial, this also involves demons because she thinks certain objects in the room are demons. You have to help her sort out her memory.

The game also has references to other myths. Simon Blackquill mentions the River of Styx which is the river to the afterlife in Greek mythology. He also calls a thief in the game a tanuki, which is referring to a demon. I can't seem to remember too many other moments but I know they are there.

If you buy the dlc Pearl is in it while she doesn't summon anyone, she does talk about her and Maya's spiritual training.

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Thanks everyone, that should do it!

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@Leonn No problem, anytime!

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