Topic: How hard is Sakura Samurai?

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DonJumpMad wrote:

You beat the would game in a day?
Was it worth the $7 bucks? I was thinking of getting the game, but I already have enough games on my plate.

yes it was worth my money. I think it was really fun and hard to put down. A quick peek in my Activity Log tells me i played it 5:52 and i had grinded so i had about 23 sakura rice (heal 5 Petals) and 3 medals (full petals revive). Is tempting to play it again right now

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I can't seem to beat the spearmen who hit you twice. That and the ninjas, and I still have some trouble with bowmen. Man, I didn't expect to die this often :L

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Can anyone give me advice on the second boss? I can't seem to deal any damage, his long spear literally makes him unbeatable for me, currently that is.

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