Topic: How do you get coins from downloaded products?

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...really,but anyway you go into the eshop settings(wii shop,dsi shop)and if you see theres club nintendo account,you put your account in and there you go.
note:if you buy a download you got to wait for a week to get the coins,but if its a new 3dsware game like mutant mudds,you get 20 coins after buying the game and you get a extra 10 a week from that day


you can try to contact nintendo to get your coins,you got to tell them the games you have and they will give you the surveys(i did this before)thats if you got the games before linking eshop account to your club nintendo account,but any bought download after this you will get coins


If your CN account is linked to your 3DS and you're not getting surveys showing up in your 'to-do' list a few days after having downloaded games, the FAQ says you have to contact Nintendo. Just get in touch with them and they'll sort you out.

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