Topic: How do 3DS eShop purchases show up on my bank statement?

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Curious as to how eshop purchases show up as on my bank statement,as in when i select to add funds with my credit card to buy something. I think my little brother may have bought something on there without me knowing,just want verify. BTW banks Wells fargo,not sure if that matter's. thanx much.


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"NINTENDO DIGITA 7607" is the title on my statements

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It appears as NINTENDO DIGITAL 800-255-3700 on mine.

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I appreciate the help guys =)


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I get a statement of "POS PURCHASE MERCHANT PURCHASE TERMINAL 55432863 NINTENDO DIGITAL 800-255-3 WA SEQ # [insert long number here]". Your statement, I'm guessing based on what others have posted, will say at least "Nintendo Digital" on them. You can also use Account Activity inside the eShop (at least for 3DS) to get a more clear statement of what was purchased when (helpful if/when online transactions aren't immediately processed by your bank, i.e. money doesn't clear immediately).

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let's see... Attack of the Friday Monsters showed up as 'DB DEBIT 07-19-13 NINTENDO DIG 800-255-3700 WA [number]', and AC:NL showed up as 'DB DEBIT 06-10-13 NINTENDO DIG 800-255-3700 WA [number]'

I've had funny charges show up on my statement before. have you tried googling them? that helped me to track down a store trip i'd forgotten i'd made, lol... didn't help that it posted to my account a couple days later :3

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