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Topic: Holy shi- SALES! Also a pretty decent sale for Europe

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Maybe with that Crashmo sale we'll see more activity on the forums in the form of puzzle posting...hmmmmm...

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Probably get Crashmo and Mudds.

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Getting Fractured Soul and considering Crashmo.

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I finally took the plung on Bit trip saga. Never played any before and at that price coulnt resist! I like the one game of it I played so far!

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Ya I will be getting Bit Trip, thanks for the help guys. As for the other games, I already own them all. All pretty great games, but if I had to suggest one I would pick Sakura Samurai. I don;t replay it anymore, but the game itself was quite fun, definitely worth the price.

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The only one that interests me is Sakura Samurai.. I already own Mudds and the others don't interest me at all..

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Fractured Soul left me bored and fractured, Ketzal Corridors wasn't my twang thang', Already finished both Sakura Samurai and Mutant Mudds which were both pretty enjoyable, I don't need Crashmo...Pushmo, while great was enough, and besides i haven't even finished it nor will i ever. Curse you Omlette puzzle!

Which leaves me with Bit Trip Saga....Runner was excellent(aside from the underwhelming 3rd world) yet I couldn't stand FATE whatsoever. Haven't played the others and i'm not too sure i want to...Now if Gunman Clive on the other hand dropped down to 10 cents i'd consider it. Meh, probably not.lol

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Only one I don't have is Crashmo.

Still not sure about that. I still need to finish Pushmo...

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