Topic: Holy shi- SALES! Also a pretty decent sale for Europe

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Ketzal's Corridors and Fractured Soul, i'll get a eShop card on 2/28 after work and get both (When on sale)

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I'm debating getting Saga...

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Crashmo for me' I got Pushmo and loved it and was considering getting this game and now i have a real incentive to


Well I got half the games there already (the bottom 3), im just gonna look over the other 3 just to see if it's a game I would like.

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Nice to see Nintendo FINALLY embracing sales, although the only game that I'm planning on taking advantage of is Crashmo.



Knux wrote:

Nice to see Nintendo FINALLY embracing sales, although the only game that I'm planning on taking advantage of is Crashmo.

I'd be reluctant to say that. We all thought that last summer did we not?

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I already have all of these, so no deals for me.

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I already have what I'm interested in, so nothing for me.

I recommend Sakura Samurai the most, although that's also a good price for Mudds.


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Is the lag/framerate issue in Bit Trip really that bad? If not I'll pick it up, any owners want to comment?

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I have it. Turn off the 3D, and it's still pretty bad during the more intense parts of Core and Runner. But I can live with it, and I'm an audiophile.

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Oh nice. Great move on Nintendo's part. I will now buy the three games of those listed that I don't already own: Ketzal's, BitTrip, and Fractured Soul.

Today was a great day between all the 3DS announcements and this.

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Definitely Sakura Samurai, and maybe Ketzal's Corridors too.

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I will get Ketzal's Corridors if I can't buy Etrian Oddysey by that time.

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