Topic: Have you ever added up all your purchases on the eShop to find out the total?

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now I know why before MH3U I was the only one who never needed a new SD card.... Digital is really popular

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No. I'm not sure I really want to know how much I have spent on the eShop, but I have gotten bored and counted how many hours I have spent on my 3ds.

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It would take too long to add it all up. ~



Around €53 on Wii U eShop if I remember correctly. Only €5 on 3DS since I haven't bought any retail games digitally and the only VC game I've payed for (recieved the rest with the ambassador program) is Ninja Gaiden.

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Ok i just did the calculation. On all games i downloaded on the 3DS i spend 175,37 €.
That does include two game codes i bought for 42,50 € from other players.

This is a lot more than i expected tho my 5 retail level games account for nearly 100 € alone.

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