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It was ok, the Bicycle song was quite hard. The boss was easier than expected.

The demo was pretty short though.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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Well, I came back to it and beat it in 2 [or three?] more trys. I think that it sucks that it ended if you missed the last one. Anyways.. I made sure to hit the last one at least and passed.

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Absolutely love this game! I'm already hooked, and it only took me like ten minutes to play the entire demo. But will definitely be buying this, must have more! Style-wise it kind of reminds me of DDR Mario Mix, what with the way music is integrated into the actual world itself and all of that. Just awesome!

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I loved the demo and it will definitely be a day one download for me. I have to say though, that bicycle song was hard. I tried it about 4 different times and the best I could get was Good.

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It was incredibly fun... until the boss...

seriously, that was the most infuriating difficulty spike I've ever experienced in a game -_-

It was that stupid dodging segment that got me every time (I only used 5 hearts though. If I had went back & picked up some health, it probably wouldn't have been so bad).

As for the good? Every other part of the demo was pure delight, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they included a Pokémon level in the demo, and finally beating the boss (after 15 or so times) was gratifying.


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Really? I thought the boss was easy. Maybe you're not playing with the sound on...?
But I'm definitely getting this, I hope the full version is around the same size as the demo, my sd card is running out of room

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Pretty fun demo. The boss only took me 2 tries — only part I couldn't seem to figure out the timing for was the left/right. I must have tried the bicycle song like 20 times, because I was so determined to get "great" on it though — finally got it with a 68 after so many 64's, so it's probably 65 you need.

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I thought the boss was easy, beat it first try. Perhaps it's harder if you don't have good rhythm? Tip: do not try to time it based on visuals, rely completely on the rhythm. That's how I aced the bicycle level.

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I thought the rhythm got too fast too early into levels.In Rhythm Heaven,they start to warm you up until you know what to do,nice and steady.This is more of a game where you move to the music and not the rhythm.

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Yeah, I'm finding the bicycle level a lot harder than the boss, though considering it's not part of the main path, that may have been intentional. Oh well, time to play this another fifty time or so!

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Played the demo again today, and got through the boss on my first try this time (it helps tremendously when you stock up on health before going in). I have no problem whacking the enemies to the beat, but for some reason I never time those turns right (no matter if I go with the flow of the music, or try observing carefully).

As for the bicycle level, I didn't find it as hard as the boss, and got "great" on my 3rd or 4th time through.


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I find it helps to time the boss level with the sound it makes when the exclamation point appears and when Tempo's head appears.

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I LOVED the demo and everything about it EVERYTHING! I can't wait for it to be released!

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I'm on the fence about this:
1: I liked the game in general.

2: the Voice in the level is annoying to me.
3: It felt more like "Follow the music" then "Follow the rhythm"
Which I didn't enjoy that much.

I might get it, but probably not.

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Yeah, what zerks said. Just not that exciting to me. Unfortunately.


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I loved the demo. The music and art is pretty cool.
I beat the boss on my first try. So it suprised me how many people had difficulty with the boss.
I do play the drums so that probably helps. ;P

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I had a hunch it wasn't my type of game going in to the demo, since I've never been a fan of rhythm games, but I was optimistic because it's by GameFreak.

Nope, still don't like rhythm games



Lovely art and music. But DAMN this game is hard! I didn't mind the bee level, even though I've still yet to beat it fully, but the Pokemon level just felt unfair. Stuff just pops out of nowhere at you.

Doesn't help that I'm pretty bad at rhythm games anyway

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