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I now hate Tappy... he calls changes in the time signature "speeding up" and "slowing down". I know that was meant for non-musicians so they could grasp the idea, but I'm still mad. Musicians unite and destroy that idiotic rabbit!

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Sensei_PikPik wrote:

I now hate Tappy...

You're just now hating Tappy? >:3

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Finally beat the final level! I did well, I thought, but only got a silver flower. Oh I've completed all of the levels, with gold on all but this and The Final Battle.

As far as faster levels go, I've gotten gold on all but one Pokemon song and up through world 5, with a few others here and there afterward. Even if I never manage to 100% this, I definitely got my money's worth. It's a GREAT game, and I'm glad I gave it a chance.




I might give this game a second chance, just out of curiosity, how easier is the first boss compared to the second (the one in the demo)?

I hate when a good game has a bad demo, makes having them absolutely worthless really. Since the demos for Monster Hunter and Harmoknight were really bad, I still have no idea if I would actually enjoy them...

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The first boss really isn't that hard, but getting Gold can be challenging. By the time you get to the second boss the game has eased you in so I didn't feel that was really a problem.

I've actually been having trouble getting Gold on the bosses in general. I don't like how you have to be perfect and not miss a single note, especially compared to the rest of the game which is pretty forgiving. Overall I am enjoying the game a lot, it just takes time and practice to master those bosses.

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i hate how its only getting notes and pressing on enemies and instruments. the bosses are kinda broken and

6ch6ris6 wrote:

always had the feeling the game doesnt recognizes my buttonpressing.



ok Challenge Accepted!!! I'll post my high score here!!!!!!(I don't move on until I get the golden score)

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