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a generic sidescroller within a weird western-styled word


has anybody downloaded the game yet? i am not sure if i should. the game looks cool and a action sidescroller is something a bit refreshing for the eshop.

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I haven't yet, will do so tomorrow. It's been out on iOS for a while.
I read somewhere it gets pretty hard along the way, buttons will make it a lot easier though

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yeah the high difficulty could have been due to touchscreen-only controls.

i ust read the game has 16 levels so it should be worth 2€/$

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Gunman Clive is now out on the PAL eshops, Is it worth getting? $3.50 is pretty cheap for an eshop game here.

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I have it on iOS. It's pretty fun although it can get difficult soon.

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i bought it and the graphical style is amazing, the game is fun as hell so far its pretty easy except for the bosses



I like the fact that it takes place in the year "18xx". Obviously the creator is a fan of Mega Man!



I already have it for my Sony Xperia Play with buttons, so there is no need for me to download it on my 3ds.

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I'll probably get it once it comes to N.A.

$1.99 doesn't seem like a bad price for a supposedly good game that pays homage to Mega Man.


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i wont have time to play this game this weekend so i will maybe get it on monday and play it over the holidays

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I gotta give props to this for being a Smartphone port with perfect framerate The animations and scrolling is all super smooth!

gameplay isn't too bad either

always thought I'd change to Gyarados after I turned 20 but hey, this is more fitting I guess. (also somebody registered under the original Magikarp name and I can't get back to it anymore orz)

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$3.50 for Gunman Clive. Looked at the trailer, looked good but it is it worth getting. Will it last long?

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This one's on my list. Loved the tounge-in-cheek aspects of the trailer ("From the creator of other unknown smartphone games"), but gameplay and difficulty will be what makes or breaks this one for me.

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The game has more than 16 levels, I know beecause I'm on level 17! And there's at least 20 stages, though I'm sure there's more!

I'm playing easy mode at the moment, and even that has some difficulty, so if you're worried about this game being too easy don't. There are 3 difficulty modes, 3 files and 2 initial playable characters, and Ca 3rd unlockable one.



I find out It's full of references to Mega Man (gameplay, ennemies) !
It's a lot of fun for just 2 bucks.



This game is brilliant, probably the best £2 game I've bought on eShop!



OK, so I've completed the easy mode now and unlocked the last character, who is sort of a joke character but it unlocks a whole new way of playing the game! It is true that there are 16 main levels, but there are 4 boss levels as well. There is a range of gameplay styles in the game, and despite the colour scheme the levels never really feel samey. The 3D effect is also pretty great, which is especially good since this is an iPhone port.



Absolutely LOVE it!

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