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This was not in the review but there is a minor glitch. The game for hint coins goes up to 9999. That is not a glitch. The glitch is this. The next time you win a row of puzzles you get 25 coins. The new total for hint coins will be 10024 which will be shown. The glitch is this. The next puzzle you play the total will drop down to 9999.



not that bad... if you want a bad glitch find puzzler world 2 for the Ds usa verison get down to puzzle 182 and its just the GAME CODE later puzzles just lock up the system since there isnt even code to show



Yeah, that sounds more like a late "round down to the max" effect (the game won't reset the coins back to 9999 until you play another game because some programmer forgot about it). Nothing specially bad, just a little silly.

The original USA version of this game (released as a retail DS game called Puzzler World 2) had several game breaking bugs and glitches, as slidecage mentioned.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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