Topic: Genius Sonority Announces new RPG Human Interference for the 3DS, Releasing Feb 8

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Official Site:
Youtube Channel:

Nintendo 3DS: eShop Release Date: February 8, 2012 Price: 800 Yen

Demo: 30 Plays Release Date: February 1, 2012

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Yay, More gimicky AR games
EDIT: Just watched trailer. One of the enemies is a corn cob. Or in other words, GOTY.

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Made by the people responsible for the console Pokemon games, I hope that means it will be localized. The actual gameplay seemed pretty good.



Huh, looks fun. Very a good way.

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Man, this looks pretty fun, Reminds me of DQ9

In other words, Day 1 Buy. (if it comes over here that is)

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This game looks pretty great.
Lucky Japan.
I really hope it comes here and I'll be buying it straight away if it does.

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Isn't Genius Sonority a 2nd-party Nintendo developer made up of former Pokemon developers?

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Looks amazing, so want this to hit the UK, the latest batch of 3DS ware is really exciting, just need Sakura Samurai, Mutant Mudds and VVVVV to make it over here, we are really behind on the 3DS ware front.

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