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Topic: Games Request for 3DS eShop (Cross platform specifically)

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Streets of Rage trilogy
Doom and Doom 2
Hyper Street Fighter 2
Dust : An Elysian Tail
Outland(must likely be played on an xl)
King of Fighters(all of them)
Blake stone series
Rise of the triad

I think that's all the ones I can think of

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  • Star Trigon - This would fit perfect for 3DS, they could even make the "planets" 3D.
  • A new Mr. Driller game - This one could be retail as well, but preferably on eShop as well if retail.
  • Photo Dojo 2 - This one could use QR codes like Freakyforms and Pushmo, and tons of other new features.
  • Scott Pilgrim - The game is still getting supported with new features, they they could bring this to more platforms as well.
  • Mario vs DK 5 - Goes back to the gameplay of the first, but keeps the level editor and adds QR codes. This would be both retail and eShop though.
  • Mighty Game 4 - This one will happen eventually, I'm just really looking way forward to it! (I just had to make that pun)

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World of Goo




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A old PC game Ducktales quest for gold

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25. Posted:

Sonic 4 Episodes 1 & 2

Entire Wii VC collection. 64 games can be played with a circle pad pro.

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  • Zenonia 3 - the first one as DSiWare could be improved, but the 3DS could do with more RPGs
  • Ticket to Ride - a nice board game with online multiplayer
  • Junk Jack - a mining/building game like Terraria, without the mandatory boss summons
  • Torchlight/Torchlight 2 - not going to happen, but we can fantasize?
  • an e-book viewer - bonus if it lets you import your own books

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27. Posted:

More Cave Story! :D

In all seriousness, uh...I dunno :O

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28. Posted:

@Mr_teacher_lz i want more cave story :O


also want a 3d sonic chao world like the ones in sonic adventure Dx and sonic adventure 2 Battle

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