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I know they've been releasing GW games on Dsiware, but what about all the others? I think that they should make an eShop game for 3DS with every GW game ever! Who else thinks so? And how probable is this?

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Likeliness: Improbable, due to the effort involved with 3D classics, unless they charged unreasonable amounts for LCD remakes.

Awesomeness: Would be pretty damn awesome, would look really nice in 3D.

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Well I would really like the fact if they were making a new GW gallery for the 3ds, now as for the 3ds effect im not too sure of but I guess you can always turn of the 3d and it would be cool for the modern mode like in the other galleries.


They do have that ball mini game the 3DS sound

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I don't need it in 3D, but I wish Nintendo continued making more DSiware of G&W titles. I dunno why they stopped when there's still a ton of G&W games left in their library. I want Mario Bros

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MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

How about a completely new Game & Watch game starring Mr. Game & Watch in Flat Zone? I'd buy that.

And they could make all kinds of other flat worlds/characters too! It could borrow elements from all the existing GW games. This needs to happen!
But anyway, since this thread's title is kind of vague, I'll change the topic a little. When do you guys think GW Gallery 3 is coming to the VC?

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