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I'll be downloading this when it goes on sale on the 28th. I enjoyed the demo and I've come so close to buying the game a few times, but the price would also keep me from pulling the trigger. The price drop seals the deal for me.

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a sale?
not in europe though, right?

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Saw that it was on sale today, so I tried out the demo. Demo was fun so I bought it, and, wow, what a great game! I thought it would be just a standard platformer, but I love the puzzles of jumping back and forth between the screens. Check it out if you haven't yet (especially while it is still on sale).



I've just come across a strange glitch.
So I try to beat Blame (Level 4) without damage.
When succeeding, I looked at the results, and it said that I had a time of 0:00.00, and gave me 5 stars. It won't show me on the leaderboards however.
But the terrible thing is that I lost all all my progress after Blame, except for the number of Stars I own. And when beating it again, it won't let me go forward.
I'm angry.

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I'd just like to say that I've just 100%ed Fractured soul, yes, 5 stars on all 31 levels, 28 hours played. Been playing it non-stop since wednesday. Yay!



^nice! i haven't 5-star'ed all levels but i've played more than 50 hours (speedrunning few levels), the reason is that i wanted to beat some records in online leaderboards, bad thing was they were freakin' hard to beat, so i'd just tried the best that i can to be on the leaderboards... XD, but believe me that 50+ hours is full of fun, frustratingly fun no kidding



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