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i have a wii u! send me a request with the message "nintendo life" in it without quotes.

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I don't think FS3D is coming out anytime soon.

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Honestly i dont care about FS3D anymore.

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Its a shame becauase in every Nintendo Download for Thursday... Nintendo keeps putting that "NEW" stamp on the "APP" category for 3DS in Eshop. We haven't got a legit App for 3DS in a very long time....

I Agree With You

Every Single Thursday I Go In The eShop And No Sign Of FS3D BTW I Barely Use My DSi Because The L Button Is Broken So Im Focused On My (US) 3DS

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It's almost been 3 months and still no Flipnote. I swear I'm gonna rage.......

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Earlier this month, Nintendo of America launched the official Hulu Plus app for the Nintendo 3DS after announcing it over two years ago. I really, really, REALLY hope this won't be the same case with Flipnote Studio 3D.

I wish Nintendo would actually elaborate their stance about their claimed fears of server issues. They simply delayed the app out of the fact the Japanese traffic was overwhelming and unexpected, and suspected it would be the same worldwide. How are they even sure of this? Not like every Nintendo 3DS owner would feel to have actual use of the app, despite it being a free app. I mean, they didn't even release the app to begin with to apply their reasons for server issues.

Call me technically inept, but I wonder if this has anything to do with Nintendo lowering official messaging activities on Swapnote/Nintendo Letter Box on a global scale.

Wishing this world would pay any sort of attention to the smaller details.

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It got disabled?


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